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Fall ORC - Three Weeks Deep

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Well ya'll, it's officially Week 3 of the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge. We made it half way! Yay! This week has been all about flooring, sinks, and a few little details for me.

Tile is here and ready to be installed. But, can’t say the same for the sink quite yet. If you’ve been following along with my progress, you know I want to try and keep the small, vintage carved vanity we already have in this space. However, finding a new sink for this cabinet has been tough. It’s not quite a standard size vanity, and I’m not sure if I will have time to get something custom made before the big reveal.

I may have to hit up the some of the local Restores and discount construction stores to see what scraps they may have. I’m really wanting to go with marble. Anyone have any other suggestions for my sink sorrows? I’m definitely open to suggestions… and need them in a hurry!

And in case anyone is interested, the tile is from @homedepot, candle @seda_france, rug @madcapcottage, sconce shades and tissue box from Amazon.

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